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Welcome To Truly Asia - A modern Asian Fusion Cuisine!

At TRULY ASIA, our extensive menu focuses on the flavours and ingredients of Asian fusion.

By taking the elements from different Asian cuisines our chef combines them to create dishes with unique flavours and textures, and use different cooking techniques to bring out the best in each dish. The result is an exciting mix of flavours and ingredients like never before seen or tasted.

Come along and enjoy, prepared for you by our master chef with over 20 years experience, their food is assured to delight your taste buds. And, our service is second to none!

Kind regards!

Head Chef Song (Malaysian, 20+ years experience)

Chef Uncle Nop (Thai, 30+ years experience)

Chef Jatinder (Indian, 8 years experience)

Chef Leo (Chinese, 20+ years experience)

Chef Jordan ( Australian, 4 years experience)

Floor Manager: Jock

  ANZAC DAY Opening Hours
Open for Dinner Only.


* Reservation required, Please inform us
  if you are bringing a dog with you, for unforeseen events.
* Please keep your dog on a leash and under c
ntrol at all times.
* It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog,
  bag it and bin it.
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